July 2016 Newsletter

July 2016 Newsletter

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June 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter

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from Music Month 2016

May Music Month 2016


Exciting Stuff

Invitation to Members

Well, we have a great opportunity to showcase the musicians from our club on Saturday 28th May for May Music Month, organised by Kings Sound Centre, Levin.

My reason for writing is that the Folk Club is organising four hours of live music outside Caffeinate at the very top of Queen Street (by the Traffic lights and opposite the Warehouse) on Saturday 28th May from 10:00 – 14:00 hrs and I am on the scout for volunteers to play.

We had a great time last year and it’s a good opportunity to get together as musicians as well as promote our folk club locally.

If you would be interested in playing (probably be a minimum of 2-3 songs, depending on how many people are interested) please can you let me know by Sunday 15th May, to give me time to organise the order of play and get back to you with you with a guide on timings etc. We will have the club sound system on hand to plug in, so no need to bring anything except yourselves, your voices and your instruments.

Dale is hosting a relaxed music evening and shared dinner at her Ohau property for those who wish to carry on with Saturday’s fun – further details to come later.

Please email your response to

Jo Sheffield

Levin Folk Music Club Committee


Newsletter April 2016

Newsletter April 2016

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March Newsletter

March Newsletter

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

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* Our November guest artists The Frank Burkitt Band
* November Acoustic Night
* The December End of Year concert and our guest artist Steve McDonald
* Our club news for up to date information on what’s happening in the club
* What our members got up to at Wellyfest
* Some useful ideas for gear and online apps for performers
* Library Jam on 6 November 2015
* Magic & Mischief Concert on 7 November 2015

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AGM Result

AGM Result


The AGM was held on Friday 24th July, with about 25 people attending.

Congratulations to our new Committee: Rona Cooper, Colin Brown, Kevin Watson, Paul Webster, Margaret Jeune, Jenny Geelan, Keith Heginbotham, Jo Sheffield elected at the AGM and Dale Webb, Chair.

A Treasurer and Secretary will be appointed from the committee.

The Chairs Report and the Collation of the questionaire are available on download page.

The most immediate change to the Club as a result of the AGM will be an increase in the door charge for non-members from $8.00 to $10.00, effective from the September Club Night.

The Club Membership fee will remain at $20.00 for a whole year and $10.00 for joining between February and June.

Committee Member Resignation

Committee Member Resignation

The Committee has received the resignation of Jo Sheffield from the Committee effective December 13 2014 which it has reluctantly accepted.

Jo will continue to be involved in club and acoustic nights, and looks forward to playing and encouraging others to be part of Levin Folk Music Club.

We offer a very big thank you for Jo’s unstinting year and a half on committee and wish her well.



It is with pleasure that the Committee announce the appointment of Rona Cooper and Colin Brown to our Levin Folk Music Club Committee and the appointment of Dale Webb as Acting Chair until the 2015 AGM.

The year ahead has some fine guests confirmed, and already we have started on a great note with Jo and Merlin hosting members to a very enjoyable January bbq/music evening.

We wish our members Happy New Year and hope you will join in club activities and enjoy 2015 with us.

Membership from Feb 2015 to 2015 AGM is discounted to half price – $10.00



The Committee announces, with regret, the resignation of Anne Campbell as Secretary/Bookings Officer.

The Club is very appreciative of Anne’s huge contribution to the Club over the past 11 years and thanks her for her dedication and past involvement.

An Acting Secretary will be appointed and the Committee invites any interested members to contact Dale Webb, the Acting Chair. (dalewebb at clear dot net dot nz*)

The Club Constitution allows for vacant roles to be appointed within committee; however a Special General Meeting to elect Officers can be called, if required, by 10 financial members, in writing.

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