14 April 2023 – The Raven Mavens Quartette

The Raven Mavens Quartette will be performing at the Levin Folk Music Club on Friday April 14.

The Raven Mavens started as a duo in 2011 with Cindy Muggeridge on boogie and blues piano and Marian Carter adding soulful clarinet. The duo became a trio when they added Anje Glindemann on drums, then the trio became a quartet with the addition of multi instrumental virtuoso, Kate Marshall on accordion, flute and violin. Each of these women is a musician and a singer and when they get together there is a unique and beautiful synergy.

To add to the magic of the musical lineup, Cindy has written a collection of original songs for the Quartette, featuring each band member in turn as the lead singer. On 27 February 2021, the band launched the Raven Mavens Quartette CD.

Expect this talented combination to perform a variety of voices, instruments and styles as they deliver Cindy’s songs. They will also be throwing in some of their favourite covers from great divas like Bessie Smith, Katie Webster and Nina Simone. The mood will range from sensitive to burlesque, with a bit of story telling and hilarity on the side.

Doors open at 7:00 pm and the evening begins at 7:30 pm with a blackboard of performers. The guests perform after supper.

Admission, which includes a light supper, is $7 for members, $12 for non-members and $3 for students. Cash only (no eftpos facilities).

The venue is the Horowhenua Scottish Society Hall, 155 Bartholomew Road, corner Bartholomew Road and Middlesex Street, Levin.

The Raven Mavens Quartette – Cindy Muggeridge, Kate Marshall, Anje Glindemann, Marian Carter
Image Source: The Raven Mavens Quartette