Levin Folk Music Club history….
It all began in 1989, with Shenanigans coffee bar in Levin. People would meet
and sing at Danny’s place on a Sunday night. When Shenanigans closed several
people got together to keep the music going. Eddie, Evie, Roy, Maree, Danny,
Jim and Rona. So the Levin Folk Music began as a club. Their first meeting
place was in the Levin Waiopehu Tramping Club rooms off Parker Avenue.
In February 1992, with the Club growing in popularity, it moved to the Jaycee
Lounge, above Leader and Watt in Oxford Street. For nearly ten years, every
month except January, the club hosted musicians from New Zealand and
overseas and provided an informal place where people could perform and enjoy
In November 2001, the Club moved to the Horowhenua Scottish Society Hall
in Bartholomew Road. Those involved for many years for setting up the hall,
organizing guest artists, welcoming at the door, refreshments, sound, newsletters
and publicity have been Eddie, Evie, Han, Rona, Jeremy, Anne, Andrew, Tony,
Shirley ,Charlie, John, Brian F, Brian McK , and numerous other supporters.
The Club has continued to grow with guest performers and local artists sharing
their interest and talents. A second night in the month for local performers
developed into an” acoustic night”.
In 2011, under the steering committee of Chris, Ian, Andrew, Anne, Han,
Barbara and Jill, with Colin in the Chair, the Levin Folk Music club became an
Incorporated Society.